Welcome to The Sierra City House!

Arrival time is 4 p.m. and departure is 11 a.m. for housekeeping. Please ask in advance in writing if you are needing special arrangements for early arrival or late departure. If we can help, we will.

If you have any questions or need information, please ask! I’m happy to help. Our FAQ list is below.

Best wishes,


Remember when you leave to follow the instructions below,
including removing the trash, washing your dishes, locking
the windows and doors and turning off the water supply and
leaving a note for the housekeeper which beds were used. Do
not make the beds.

The instructions below provide instructions on opening and closing house,
phone use, where to find cushions for deck chairs, and other
necessary tips.

Terms: Renters and guests of the Sierra City House agree to assume all risks of injury or death and release from liability and never sue the owners for any injuries suffered in the house or on the property, regardless of cause or negligence.  By confirming your booking with payment, you agree that you have read and agree to these rental terms. You also agree to assume any financial responsibility for damage or loss to the premises caused by you or your guests during your stay.


How do I get my security deposit back?
Deposit is mailed back following the housekeeping
inspection, or returned via credit card depending on type of payment.

Please clean and put away your dishes, clean the
BBQ grate, remove your garbage and do any unusual extra cleaning.
Extra charges will apply if these are not done. Please
report any damage to owner. Renters are responsible for any
damage above and beyond security deposit.

Is there Internet access?

Yes, we have added wireless DSL. A router will be on the dining room counter.
The access password is printed on the router. This is a free service for our guests.

Can I use the phone?
Yes. Cell phones work in only a few locations in Sierra City, so use the house
phone for your needs. We provide the house phone number if someone
needs to reach you. The cost of long distance is 6 cents a
minute. If you use more than $5 we’ll bill you, otherwise
it’s on us.

Do I get my money back if I cancel?
We return your initial payments if we get another renter to fill your time slot. A cancellation fee may apply. If no renter fills your time slot the initial payment is non-refundable. We have this policy because we lose business if we turn other renters away and then have a cancellation. Within 10 days of arrival all payments are non-refundable unless another renter fills your time slot.

Do you have a television?
Yes. It has a DVD player and a VCR. But it has no cable TV
or satellite TV or antenna connection to pick up any
broadcast stations. Streaming video such as Netflix works on your own devices in the house.

How does the fireplace work?

The fireplace is available for your use. The chimney vent is rusted into position, but it’s in the proper position for burning. The wood in the bin on the porch is kindling to start the fire. The firewood is on the firewood rack on the front
porch. (Tip: when starting the fire for the first time, turn off central heating temporarily until the fire gets a good draft, usually about five or 10 minutes. Otherwise the central heat air return will pull the smoke into the house. If smoke starts to push out of the fireplace into the house on initial start-up, hold the front door open until the chimney is drafting correctly).

Is firewood supplied?
Yes. A supply of firewood, enough for several nights, is
stacked on the deck. Otherwise absolutely no wood, downed or
not, can be removed from the property. Thanks! If you need
more you can buy more, bring your own or call us for

Phone, full kitchen with utensils and eating and cooking
dishes, refrigerator, microwave, stove and oven, linens,
washer, dryer, gas grill and charcoal BBQ. Gas for the grill is supplied. Please bring your
own charcoal and use the metal
brush to clean the grill after using.

No. This is a tobacco-free house.

How do we get to the Yuba River?
There are some trails and roads that access the river. You
can take the road to Wild Plum campground just north of town
to get to the river. Also, the RV park next to the
Sierra Buttes Hotel has been accommodating but usually the
campground manager asks for people using their dirt hiking
trail to get to the river to sign a form. There is also a
trail off Spring Street (take a right through the field before BB Lane), and at Lake Street.

Can I read the books on the shelves?
If you are reading a paperback book from the top shelf and
don’t finish it, you may take it home with you. But please
leave the other books and maps, including all of those on
the second shelf, at the house. Thank you.

Can I pan for gold?
Absolutely no dredging or panning for gold is permitted on
the property or in the small stream that runs through the
property. You can borrow our gold pans in the dining room cabinet to pan for gold in the Yuba River if you wish.

Can I use the grill?
Only use grills in the back patio.

The grills, patio and deck tables and chairs are available in the summer. They are stowed away during winter, from approximately early November through March, to avoid damage.

Can I get housekeeping during my visit?
The housekeeper cleans the house after you leave for the fee
you pay. If you would like your sheets changed or the house
cleaned during your stay, please e-mail tyoung@sierravacation.com for housekeeping availability and cost.


A house guide for summer.

(NOTE: driveway bridge is recommended for pedestrians, not
for vehicles. Motorcycles may drive over.)

Summer opening instructions (Do all these when you arrive):

• Keys – Instructions are emailed after final payment is deposited.
• Warmth – Turn on central heater at thermostat if
• Water – It should be on already. If not, turn on main water valve to house. It is located on the rock wall to the rear of the building outside the second story. Look for an exposed water pipe on the wall with a water spigot on top. Behind the spigot is a faucet insulator to protect the pipe from freezing during winter. Underneath the insulation is a valve. Turn it on to get water.
• Power – Some equipment may be unplugged to avoid damage from power surges while no one is there. You may have to plug in the stereo, fireplace blower and the electrical cord that feeds the TV entertainment center.

Closing instructions (Do this list when you leave)

• Trash and recycling – Housekeeping requires you to take your trash and
recycling with you. There is a local dump 2 miles from the house, or there are visitor’s dumpsters across from Bassett’s Resort four miles east on Highway 49.
Directions to the dump: when you depart on Butte Street down
the hill, take your first right up Sierra Buttes Road. Check
the open/closed sign at the intersection.
• If leaving trash – If you need to leave garbage or recycling behind, please arrange
in advance for an extra fee (approximately $25) with the owner.
• Beds – Leave note for housekeeper saying what beds were
used. Please do not make the beds.
• Heat – Turn off central heater at thermostat.
• Cushions – Please put deck seat cushions inside house if inclement weather is in the forecast. (If they are not out when you arrive, they are
stored in the closet at the bottom of the stairs. You may take them out for the deck chairs and lounge chair when you arrive.)
• Fireplace – Please do not remove any ashes from the fireplace
unless necessary. They can smolder and start a fire; even
days after the fireplace has been used. If you take ashes
out, leave them in the metal ash bucket that’s located
outside the front door.
• Water – No need to turn off main water valve in summertime, only winter.
• Please double-check to make sure oven and stovetop
burners are off.
• Close cabinet doors – Important: make sure all cabinet doors and drawers in
the kitchen are completely closed so any traveling mice won’t be encouraged.
• Safety – Important: Close and lock all doors and windows before leaving!
• Keys – Lock keys in the lockbox.


The Sierra City House vacation rental address and phone number are available when you make your reservation. For more details use the contact link below.

Directions from San Francisco Bay Area:
(Takes about four hours from San Francisco to Sierra City)
Take Interstate 80 east (through Davis, Sacramento,
Roseville) to Auburn.
Take Highway 49 towards Grass Valley/Nevada City
(turns into Highways 49/20 at Grass Valley. Continue on
through Nevada City.)
Take Highway 49 exit when it splits from Highway 20 after
downtown Nevada City exit.
Take Highway 49 through Downieville to Sierra City.
In Sierra City the house is about 1.5 blocks from the grocery store in the center of town.

Please don’t drive over the wooden walking bridge, park on
the driveway. Use a piece of wood if you wish to block
your tire.

There are other ways you can go to Sierra City.

For example, you can drive to Truckee and then take Highway 89 north to Highway 49. That may take about 30 minutes longer.

The fastest route might be this one:

Take Highway 80 to Sacramento. Two miles past IKEA take the exit towards Marysville. Take Highway 99/70 to Marysville and then Highway 20 towards Nevada City. Instead of driving all the way to Nevada City, take a left on Marysville Road about 5 minutes outside of Marysville. You will need a map for this drive, which has a few turns and takes you past Bullards Bar Reservoir on the way to Highway 49. This avoids a few more miles of curvy roads and seems to be the fastest route.

Enjoy your visit. Call or e-mail with any questions.



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